Portraits USA, Inc is a photography studio for yearbook portraits.  Our professional staff have taken yearbook portraits for the past twenty-three years with a local company.  In an exciting and professionally motivated move, we have branched out on our own!  We are well known through our many successful portrait sessions, our skill and dedication to detail is notable.

Our professional management and client service teams are available to coordinate with your staff to schedule senior yearbook portraits, starting with the class of 2016.  We are equipped and staffed to photograph the largest New York City Public Schools. Our professional staff of experienced photographers have all been approved for work in the DOE schools. We can seamlessly bring your yearbook portrait needs from any account to make sure your yearbook sections are completed on time and with the superior quality you deserve.

There are many benefits to utilizing our locally based and owned company for professional photographic needs....not the least of these being availability.  We look forward to serving you during the upcoming school year....and beyond!  Please contact us through our contact page.